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Modder builds a Nintendo Wii the size of a deck of cards

Advanced assembly skills recommended
WTF?! Shrinking popular game consoles has long been a popular pastime for modders. Some have spent years competing to make the tiniest functioning Nintendo Wii. The latest candidate measures just a few square inches and retains the original machine's functionality except for physical disc support.
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Fan-made project aims to keep Wii U and 3DS consoles online where Nintendon't

Something to look forward to: Nintendo shut down its free online network, Nintendo Network, on April 9, permanently disconnecting Wii U and 3DS consoles from online services. While the company's latest console, the Nintendo Switch, relies on a subscription-based network called "Nintendo Switch Online," there are plans underway to revive the Nintendo Network – unofficially, of course.
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This functional NES game doubles as an NES console

A whole new meaning to plug-and-play
Overview: Multi-function NES game cartridges aren't exactly a new concept. In the late 80s, for example, Nintendo released the Action Set bundle in North America which included Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt on a single cartridge. Two games on a single cart felt like magic at the time, but what if you could play your entire NES library on a single cart (without ROMs)? That's exactly what one YouTuber recently set out to accomplish.
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Modders resurrect lost F-Zero content from VHS recordings of a long-dead Nintendo satellite broadcast

The real question is will Nintendo's lawyers kill it
Quick, grab it! Dedicated fans have released a mod for Nintendo's 1990 classic F-Zero. It adds new tracks, cars, and leagues. Adding fan-created content to already published games is commonplace, whether new or old. However, this mod is unique because the makers reverse-engineered it from ancient VHS recordings.
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Nintendo shines in Q2 earnings thanks to strong Switch and game sales

It also announced a new Switch OLED bundle
What just happened? Nintendo has announced what was a very good fiscal second quarter for the Japanese gaming giant. In addition to beating sales and profit expectations, the Switch moved slightly closer to becoming the company's best-selling console of all time. It also announced a new Switch OLED bundle, but there was no comment on plans for a Switch successor.