LG is doing its best to convince the industry that wireless speakers should be among the top trending technology at CES 2017. After unveiling a levitating speaker system earlier this week, the South Korean electronics giant on Wednesday said its CES lineup of wireless, wearable audio products will be led by what it’s calling the Tone Studio wearable (model HBS-W120).

No doubt building on the success of its existing around-the-neck headsets, the LG Tone Studio is a personal wearable audio device featuring four speakers – two full-range units on the top and two vibrating speakers on the bottom – that LG says provides a personal surround sound experience when listening to music, watching movies or playing video games.

The wearable, developed in collaboration with DTS, also features a Hi-Fi DAC (digital to analog converter) and can even be linked with a second unit to share the audio experience with another person.

The LG Tone Free (model HBS-F110), meanwhile, is the company’s first wireless stereo product to come with wireless earbuds. The earbuds can be stored (and charged) in the neckband when not in use although an optional charging cradle will be available for when the neckband isn’t convenient.

Both the Tone Studio and Tone Free audio solutions will be part of LG’s CES 2017 lineup alongside other newcomers like the Tone Infinim (model HBS-920) and the Tone Ultra (model HBS-820).

Pricing and availability will likely remain under wraps until next week at the earliest.