If you're one of the many Twitter users who knows the horror of sending out a hastily written tweet only to later discover it contains an embarrassing typo or other error, then CEO Jack Dorsey has some good news: the company "is thinking a lot" about introducing an edit button.

Yesterday, the microblogging site's boss asked what Twitter can do to "improve or create in 2017." It seems adding an edit option is one of the most desired features among users, who want a way to fix mistakes quickly.

The biggest issue seems to be how Twitter should implement an editing option. Dorsey asked whether users should have a small time frame in which alter a tweet, possibly around 5 minutes, or could they be edited at any point in the future, like Facebook posts. The CEO said that if Twitter went with the latter method, there would need to be a way to view a Tweet's revision history. It also throws up questions about embedded tweets that are later changed.

Dorsey said the company is considering introducing some other new features, including a bookmarking tool, better conversation threading, and improved safety options. The site's long-running troll problem was also brought up, with some users requesting better reporting methods.

As fake news becomes increasingly common on the internet, there's a concern that introducing an edit button would help spread misinformation by altering popular Tweets. The aforementioned revision history could help prevent this, but it would rely on users checking the changes.

Dorsey seems to indicate that it's a matter of when, not if, an edit button is implemented. In all likelihood, the long-requested feature will only be available for a short time after a Tweet is sent, meaning no more deleting messages because of a simple typo.