Another article from CNet News that rounds up what we have been saying about software availability for upcoming 64-bit processors.

It has been confirmed that Microsoft's optimized 64-bit Windows will arrive by the end of this year or Q1/2004 at the latest, while a beta version is expected already in the next couple of months.

Nonetheless, AMD is betting that techno lust, especially among computing enthusiasts, will drive demand for computers with the additional 64-bit capabilities. In workstations and PCs, 64-bit hardware and software leads to better graphics and game performance because complex, changing 3D backgrounds and large chunks of video can be kept in memory. Intel's Pentium chips don't work in 64-bit mode.

Of course, enthusiasts like us will most likely jump onto the technology BUT not because it can run non-existant (or a few) 64-bit software titles (ok, maybe yes) but also because AMD's new chip is expected to run current 32-bit applications faster than Athlon XP's (like a true successor would) while maintaining a low price point, I hope.

And no, I wouldn't call myself a 'fanatic', I'm sitting here running on a months old Pentium4 2.53GHz, why Intel? Because it delivered the best performance/value for my money back when I upgraded, now that's the thinking of an enthusiast.