Electonic store salespeople often try to sell 4K televisions with the line that they “make images look real.” But things got all too realistic for shoppers at an upstate New York electronics store when Samara, the creepy-as-hell girl from the Ring horror movies, crawled out from one of the sets, scaring years off the lives of customers.

The whole thing was, of course, a promo for the next entry in the franchise – Rings – which is released on February 3. As you can see in the video, the store itself is a real outlet, but the wall displaying the TVs is fake. A secret compartment behind one of the sets hides the actress, who does a convincing impression of the girl from the cursed videos.

As the shop assistant talks about how lifelike 4K can appear, a lifting mechanism raises the television and allows the Samara lookalike to seemingly crawl out of the set in the same freaky fashion as the character in the movies.

Reactions mostly consist of screaming and running out of the store in a fit of terror, as you’d expect, though the guy at the 1:25 mark does look as if he’s ready to throw a punch (notice the clenched fists). Perhaps the makers edited out the reactions where customers did actually attack the actress.

For fellow horror aficionados, Rings is the third entry in the American version of the franchise and is set 13 years after the events of the first Ring movie. They’re based on the original Japanese horrors, which last year crossed over with The Grudge in ‘Sadako vs. Kayako’ (The Ring Vs. The Grudge).