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The MPA plans to collaborate with Congress on piracy website-blocking legislation

The MPA CEO called pirates "real-life mobsters" who engage in child pornography
A hot potato: Charles Rivkin, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association isn't a fan of pirates. He says many of those who operate piracy websites are "real-life mobsters" who engage in child pornography, drug trafficking, and other crimes. He has also announced that the MPA plans to work with Congress to introduce legislation that blocks pirate websites in the United States.
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Borderlands trailer fails to instill blockbuster confidence

Casting department shredded franchise authenticity for big-name recognition
Full disclosure: Throw everything you know about Borderlands out the window if you want to enjoy the film adaptation. I absolutely love the entire cast – just not for this movie. Granted, I only have its first trailer to go on, but unless it's set some 30+ years in the original game's future, the casting makes zero sense.
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Over one million LEDs light up Sphere, Las Vegas' incredible new attraction

The inside is just as amazing
In brief: There is lots to see and do in Las Vegas, and in September this year, what could become the city's biggest attraction will open: the largest spherical building in the world, one packed with programmable exterior LEDs that can display incredible visuals. Inside, visitors will be able to watch music concerts, film events, and some sports while experiencing the 250-foot-high wrap-around interior screen.