The New Year is all about making changes and resetting with a clean slate. If that philosophy applies to your current career or if you're just starting out in college and haven't yet decided what field to study, Glassdoor's annual 50 Best Jobs in America list is certainly worth a look.

The top spot once again goes to Data Scientist followed closely by DevOps Engineer and Data Engineer, all of which have a media base salary of around $110,000.

Close to two dozen jobs in the top 50 fall within the engineering or technology fields. A few examples include Database Administrator, UX Designer, Electrical Engineer, Software Engineer and Mechanical Engineer.

The tech job with the lowest median base salary is an Intelligence Analyst with a median base salary of $62,400. That's decent money if you live in a smaller town or suburb but for those residing in a high-cost area like New York City or near Silicon Valley, it's not quite as impressive.

Glassdoor's report is based on each job's overall Job Score, a metric determined using three key factors: earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and number of job openings.

Resources like this can be invaluable to those entering adulthood, especially when you consider that roughly 80 percent of college students in the US change their major at least once while in school. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, college students on average change their major at least three times over the course of their college career.