As we draw ever closer to the Switch's March 3 release date, Nintendo is ramping up the anticipation with new trailers. The latest of which, posted on the company's German Facebook page, shows the handheld hybrid being played in that ever-popular mobile gaming location: the toilet.

Yes, the new ad really does show a gamer enjoying Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch's handheld mode while dropping a load. But with over three-quarters of mobile owners admitting that they use their handsets while answering the call of nature, toilet gaming is far from an unheard of phenomenon. It even lead to the introduction of 'Smartphone toilet paper' at one Japanese airport.

The rest of the trailer proves that the Switch can be just as much fun in areas outside of the bathroom, especially by millennials, it seems. While local multiplayer does look pretty great, buying extra pairs of Joy-Con controllers for others to use will cost you $80 per set.

As for online multiplayer, we know that Nintendo will be charging a Xbox Live Gold/PlayStation Plus-style subscription to access online gameplay for "most games." The service will be free when the console launches and remain that way until the fall, at which point users will have to pay. Nintendo still hasn't said how much it will cost.

As noted by Mashable, the ad isn't the first instance of Nintendo promoting its products' toilet-friendliness. An old Gamecube poster shows a man playing the beloved console while voiding his bowels, though the open bathroom door/mirror system seems like more trouble than it's worth, and appears to offer little in the way of privacy.