While other companies simply integrate new panels and features into their monitors, AOC has decided that design is the most important aspect of their two new 27-inch displays: the Q2718PQ and the Q2718PS.

Both of these monitors include 27-inch AH-IPS panels with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. AOC claims the monitor has a maximum brightness of 350 nits and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, although dynamic contrast will push this up to 50,000,000:1 (apparently). There's also 178-degree viewing angles both horizontally and vertically, along with a response time of 5ms grey-to-grey and full sRGB gamut coverage.

With a low maximum refresh of 60 Hz, and no support for G-Sync or FreeSync, AOC are not catering for the gaming market with these displays. Instead, the manufacturer wants these panels to be stylish, which is why they've implemented a 'frameless' design and an asymmetric stand. Of course the monitor isn't actually frameless – there's still a slim bezel around the edges – but this bezel is much smaller than competing displays.

The non-bling edition is pictured above. We couldn't find a picture of the Swarovksi crystal version.

The main difference between the Q2718PQ and the Q2718PS is bling. If you opt for the more expensive PS model, the basic silver stand is swapped for a rose gold stand, and AOC will slap some Swarovski crystals on the back. Don't ask me why you'd want crystals on the rear of the monitor where you won't see them, but clearly AOC feels there is a market for monitor bling.

The basic Q2718PQ is available now for $349.99 (well below its $499 MSRP), while the Swarovski bling edition Q2718PS is set to be available soon for $599.