Despite shipping 14 million copies, Star Wars: Battlefront released to a number of mixed reviews back in 2015. While there were plenty of critics and players who praised the game, an equal number (sometimes more, according to aggregation sites) were disappointed by its shallowness and the lack of a single-player campaign. But in its recent earnings report, EA said the game's sequel would address these shortcomings.

CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that a "bigger" Star War: Battlefront 2 is coming out in holiday 2017. Dice is developing the game alongside Criterion Games - the company responsible for the Burnout series - and EA's Motive Studios.

In addition to that single-player campaign, which will doubtlessly be appreciated by Star Wars fans who aren't interested in multiplayer-only titles, the sequel is set to feature content from "multiple Star Wars eras."

Wilson said there would be more locations, heroes, and characters available from across the franchise, though the first game's Rogue One: Scarif expansion already adds some content from another era of Star Wars.

SW: Battlefront 2's multiplayer mode will also be getting an upgrade, with more game modes and, hopefully, a lot more depth.

It's unclear where all this leaves SW: Battlefront 1. "The team has shifted its focus to creating the next great Star Wars game," said EA DICE.  One element that will definitely suffer is Skirmish mode, which lets players fight AI opponents offline. It won't be receiving any new content, but official forum community manage Mat Everett said (via Kotaku) that support for the current game is not done. "While we will not be bringing more Skirmish content to the game, it doesn't mean nothing else is coming."