Oculus and Harmonix, makers of the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band series, said in late 2015 that they were working together to develop a virtual reality version of Rock Band. On Monday, the duo revealed the game's launch date and opened pre-orders.

Rock Band VR is scheduled to arrive on March 23 exclusively from the Oculus Store. Naturally, you'll need an Oculus Rift VR headset - as well as an Oculus Touch motion controller - to get in on the action (the Touch controller mounts to the end of a standard Xbox One or PlayStation 4 wireless guitar controller).

As for the gameplay, well... it's different. Very different.

Despite carrying the Rock Band moniker, it's hard to really call this a Rock Band game when all you can do is play guitar by yourself (no drums, vocals or friends involved). Why they didn't go with Guitar Hero VR as the name is beyond me but I digress.

That said, the game does offer some new content. In Performance mode, for example, you're free to experiment with different chords, notes and strum speeds to make each song "your own" although Classic mode is also available if you'd rather play strictly by the rules.

Harmonix also says there will be global leaderboards in which players can compete for high scores with others around the world, a set list of more than 60 songs from legendary and up-and-coming artists and a unique catalog of DLC to expand your library.

Those interested in pre-ordering a digital version of the game along with a guitar controller can do so over on Amazon.