Microsoft has just helped IT professionals around the world breathe a bit easier. As a lead up to the RSA Security Conference, the software giant has announced a wide variety of new security features aimed at enterprise administrators. The new tools for Windows and Office 365 will help better manage devices and beef up their cyber security.

The biometric authentication system Windows Hello will be getting two new upgrades in the Windows 10 Creators Update. The service will now be compatible with standard on-site Active Directory systems instead of requiring the cloud based Azure Active Directory. For devices with Bluetooth connectivity, a new auto-locking feature will be available. Users can pair their phone and computer and once they leave their desk and walk out of range, the computer will lock itself. This is very similar to Android's trusted device feature.

Surface devices will get a new Enterprise Management Mode which will enforce hardware level restrictions like disabling the microphone or network connectivity. It works at the UEFI level so most traditional hacks can't penetrate it. There will also be tighter integration between Group Policy and mobile device management (MDM) software to allow administrators to more easily manage their devices.

Office 365 will be receiving a new automatic security audit tool for organizations. It will analyze how well the organization has deployed the available security features and then give them a rating. Users can also see what other security settings are available to implement and the impact they would have.

In addition, a private beta will be starting soon for the Office 365 Threat Intelligence service. It will give administrators in-depth analysis of threats affecting their network and other emerging threats around the world.