Nest on Tuesday announced an update to its mobile app that expands the functionality of its offerings and helps to reduce unwanted alerts.

For Nest Cam users, there's now automatic door detection built into Nest Aware, the company's premium subscription service for its cameras. The new feature, which works with both the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor, will be rolled out over the coming weeks at which time Nest Aware will learn to recognize doors in your home and using deep learning algorithms, automatically create Activity Zones around them.

Nest Aware subscribers have been able to manually create Activity Zones around areas they want to keep an eye on for a while now; this just simply automates the process for doorways.

Nest is also improving the alerts it provides. Now, Android 7 and iOS 10 users will receive push notifications with animated previews of what's going on. Nest Cam owners with a Nest Protect that warns of smoke or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide will automatically receive a live video feed from all Nest Cams to help assess the situation.

The handful of new Nest updates aren't exactly game-changers that'll influence your buying decision one way or another. Instead, they simply help to make life a tiny bit easier and more convenient.