YouTube content creators figured out a while back that the shock value generated by destroying cutting-edge consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets could generate a significant amount of advertising revenue (in most cases, more than enough to cover the cost of the gadget itself).

Once the trend caught on, however, simply smashing an iPhone on the concrete wasn't enough. Indeed, if you wanted traffic, you really needed to get creative and step your game up to stand out in the crowd which is exactly what the Waterjet Channel has done.

After acquiring a couple of Nintendo Switch consoles, they promptly loaded up a game, strapped the handheld down and let the waterjet loose on it.

Surprisingly enough, the system remained functional for close to a minute and a half as a large chunk of the system was cut away. Sure, it doesn't really say much about the machine's durability but it's incredible to witness nevertheless.

The precision cuts by the waterjet look incredible and could make a nice keepsake, especially if you're a Zelda fan (although I'm not sure how safe it is to have the battery exposed like that).