AMD has always had the underdog thing going for them. They successfully played that card in the Athlon 64 days to compete with bigger rival Intel, but then for about a decade Core processors have enjoyed the ultimate advantage: being the better product.

With Ryzen, AMD has a novel product that's not only competitive in multiple levels, but projects to be a great platform to buy in the mid to long term. You've now read the reviews, you've seen the productivity and gaming performance benchmarks, but is that incentive enough to go with AMD's Ryzen on your next upgrade?

For this week's open forum we ask: are you planning a desktop upgrade or has Ryzen lured you into upgrading sooner to get access to all those cores on the cheap? Are you waiting for Ryzen-based APUs, mid-range R5s models, or laptop processors to come out first? Maybe your current PC is just fast enough? Let us know in the comments below.