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AMD next-gen APUs reportedly sacrifice a larger cache for AI chips

Will NPUs be a waste of die space?
Why it matters: As chipmakers embark on a widespread transition to locally processed generative AI, certain users are still questioning the need of this technology. NPUs have emerged as a new buzzword as hardware vendors aim to introduce the concept of the "AI PC," yet their arrival prompts speculation about whether the valuable die space they occupy could have been allocated to more beneficial purposes.
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AMD Ryzen CPUs are impacted by all of these serious vulnerabilities

A hot potato: All users with AMD Ryzen processors from the last few years should check and update their motherboard firmware ASAP, especially if they haven't done so since before 2023. AMD has published a detailed chart describing four severe security issues affecting server, desktop, workstation, HEDT, mobile, and embedded Zen CPUs. Recent BIOS updates have addressed most, but not all of the flaws.