Traditional pub games like darts or billiards can be loads of fun, assuming of course that you aren't overly inebriated and have at least a sliver of skill. Being hammered or flat out sucking is going to make for a less-than-competitive game... that is, unless you somehow handicap the match.

That's exactly what YouTube user Mark Rober did in building this automatic bullseye dartboard.

The result of more than three years of work with help from a co-worker, the dartboard tracks a dart as it is flying through the air and positions itself so that you'll nail a bullseye every time (so long as the dart lands within a certain window, of course). Optionally, the board can make you terrible at darts by moving itself out of the way of incoming projectiles.

It may sound simple but as you'll see in the clip, this thing is loaded with technology and needless to say, it was a huge hit at the pub!

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