Nerf guns are a childhood staple that can still be a blast today given the right environment (office battle, anyone?). But what happens when you're weapon is outclassed by your office mates (or your kids)? If you're former NASA engineer Mark Rober, you apparently build your own oversized Nerf N-Strike Maverick that's powered by a 3,000 PSI paintball tank.

His massive Nerf gun is capable of firing oversized darts at about 40 mph. Hilariously enough, the darts are made of pool noodles with plungers on the end which, at that speed and weight, can actually do a bit of damage.

Rober also gives credit to the gang from the Eclectical Engineering channel for helping with the project. As an added bonus, Ryan and David replaced the massive gun's air canister with a black powder cannon and wooden dowels for some seriously destructive power. That clip is embedded below.

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