It's getting close to that time of year when a new set of emoji are unleashed into the digital world. Some of this year's proposals include a breastfeeding woman, mermaids, and a few for expressing those extreme emotions often induced by other internet users.

"Apple-like style" mockups of the 69 images being considered for release by the Unicode Consortium this June have been created by Emojipedia, which, while not an exact replica of the final product, give an idea what to expect. "These mockups are created at the candidate stage, and may or may not resemble final versions from each platform vendor," writes the site.

This year's crop features some 'inclusive' emoji, such as women breastfeeding and wearing headscarves, the elderly, and the often underrepresented 'Bearded person.'

There's also a set of emoji ideal for letting people know they're talking crap, such as the "face with finger covering closed lips," face with raised eyebrow, and laughing behind hand. For those extreme occasions, there's a "furious" expression and a nice vomiting image.

As is usually the case with new sets of emoji, there are those where the opportunities to use them must surely be quite rare. The woman in a sauna is one, as is the curling stone, mermaid (probably), and "Man fairy."

Each company decides how the emoji appear on their respective platforms, which is why the revolver shows as a water pistol in iOS but as an actual gun elsewhere. Check out all the mockups here.