Looking for a hot date on Tinder no longer requires the use of a mobile device as the popular dating platform is now available on the web in a handful of test markets.

Tinder Online offers the same familiar flow you'll find on the mobile app although for now, it is slightly more limited. To get started, simply visit Tinder.com, log in (or sign up for an account through Facebook if you haven't already) then get to swiping.

The benefits of using Tinder on the web are aplenty.

Although typically more convenient, using a mobile device isn't always feasible (perhaps your battery is low or you're in an area with a weak signal or no service at all). There are also times when pulling out your phone is frowned upon, such as during a lecture of while in the office at work. Granted, you're not really doing anyone a favor by playing on Tinder in class or at work but if that's your goal, it'd be easier to pull off on a computer than a smartphone.

Lengthy messaging also favors the web platform as text entry is far easier on a traditional keyboard versus a smartphone.

Tinder is currently testing its web service in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines and Sweden. The dating provider is also testing the ability to log in via SMS in some markets where users may have limited access to Facebook.