Vizio on Tuesday unveiled its 2017 lineup of D-Series, value-minded smart televisions with models ranging in size from 24 inches up through 65 inches.

Pricing starts at $139.99 for the Vizio D-Series 24-inch LED Smart TV (D24h-E1) and scales up accordingly for 32-inch, 39-inch, 40-inch and 43-inch models, all of which (except the 24-inch model) feature full-array LED backlighting with up to 12 active LED zones and 1080p displays.

If it's a 4K set you're after, be prepared to plunk down at least $419.99 for the D-Series 43-inch full-array LED unit (model D43-E2). The other 4K sets in the series are as follows:

  • Vizio D-Series 50-inch Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV (D50-E1) MSRP $499.99
  • Vizio D-Series 55-inch Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV (D55-E0) MSRP $569.99
  • Vizio D-Series 65-inch Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV (D65-E0) MSRP $899.99

The sets also include a 120Hz effective refresh rate and Vizio's Internet Apps Plus (the "smart" interface). The 4K units support the latest HDMI standards and high-quality streaming thanks to the built-in V8 octa-core processor, HEVC decoding and 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi.

D-Series sets are available as of writing from Vizio's website and will soon be in stock at retailers including Best Buy, Sam's Club, Target and Walmart, just to name a few.