Solid state drives are generally considered more durable than their spinning predecessors but that designation is typically only associated with physical “toughness.”

Excessive reading and writing of NAND flash is one sure-fire way to trash an SSD with the quickness. Unfortunately, if your profession involves doing just that – say, you’re a filmmaker that records 4K digital video – then there’s really no way to avoid it. Your best bet in such a scenario may simply be to arm yourself with hardware that’s better equipped to stand up to the abuse.

Sony believes it has just what the doctor ordered with its new G Series Professional SSDs.

The G Series Professional line consists of two drives – the SV-GS96 which offers 960GB of storage and the smaller (and cheaper) SV-GS48 that has 480GB of space.

The larger of the two drives is rated for up to 2,400 terabytes written (TBW) over the life of the drive while the smaller drive is good for 1,200 TBW thanks to Sony’s Error Correction Code technology. There’s also tech built in that Sony says will prevent sudden speed decreases when writing to the drive. Both feature read speeds of up to 550MB/sec.

The drives also feature beefed up SATA connectors that can withstand being connected and unplugged up to 3,000 times. That, according to Sony, is upwards of six times more durable than a standard SATA connector.

The G Series Professional SSDs are scheduled to arrive in May. Expect to pay $539 for the 960GB model and $287 for the smaller 480GB variant.