Government employees, particularly those who work for national banks, aren't usually renowned for their sense of humor and love of gaming. But it seems this isn't the case in Canada, where workers at the Bank of Canada's website have added a Konami code Easter egg into the new $10 note page.

Canada's plastic note was revealed on Friday as part of the country's 150th anniversary celebrations. The website showing off the $10 bill includes an interactive 3D experience that lets you explore the note from different angles.

On Sunday, Kotaku Australia noted that the Bank of Canada's web team must contain some Nintendo fans. By entering the Konami code ( up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) on your keyboard, you'll be rewarded with a shower of notes and a retro-tastic 8-bit version of the country's national anthem.

For those who don't know, the Konami Code is a cheat code first used over thirty years ago. It appears in a number of games, even non-Konami ones, and is used to affect gameplay and reveal hidden Easter egg surprises placed there by developers.

"Konami code seemed like a fun way for the web team to celebrate Canada's [150th anniversary]," a Bank of Canada spokesperson told Motherboard in an email, adding that the workers "love Nintendo and 8-bit music."

If you want to see the Bank of Canada's Konami code Easter egg, and find out more about Canada and its history, head on over to the website.