Tired of taking shaky videos from your phone? The latest Google Photos update introduces video stabilization on demand to correct just that. Users with the latest version can access the feature by browsing to a video in their album, and hitting the edit (pencil) menu. Tap the stabilize button to begin processing.

The processing time will depend on several factors: video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and your phone's hardware. Once the video is done processing, you can toggle the stabilization on and off and compare the video side-by-side to the original.

Similar to the electronic stabilization employed by the Pixel, the post-processing will slightly crop your video, and use the extra leeway to correct for camera movement. Initial results look impressive; you can apply it to further enhance shots taken with hardware OIS, or improve video when you lack hardware stabilization.

With camera stabilization generally limited to flagship smartphones, the stabilization feature opens up the door for mid-range handsets to improve the usability of their videos.

According to APKMirror, additional changes in the update include:

  • Dynamic filters to enhance photos in one tap.
  • Advanced editing controls to tweak lighting, and color
  • These controls also include a Deep Blue slider that adds color to sky and water.
  • Austin's Mystery Feature (a little teaser string from developers which has yet to be revealed)

Already touting automatic (unlimited) cloud backup, cloud sync, easy editing, and social integration, video stabilization adds to a mounting list of positives that make Google Photos a TechSpot editor's pick.