Instagram is taking aim at Pinterest with its newest feature - the ability to organize posts into private collections. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

As explained in a recent blog post announcing the feature, one simply needs to tap and hold the bookmark icon under any post to save it directly to a collection. Options include the ability to create a new collection when saving a post or simply add it to an existing collection.

Naturally, you can also create a new collection from previously saved posts at any time simply by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner. From that point, the process is similar to how you'd organize photos and videos on your phone's camera roll.

Collections can be viewed from the saved posts tab within your profile. As is the case with all other posts, collections are private and can only be viewed by you.

Instagram says 46 percent of people have saved at least one post since they added the ability to do so last December.

As Engadget highlights, the feature probably isn't going to sway hardcore Pinterest fans over to Instagram but it could give the casual Instagram user a reason not to jump ship.

Collections are being added as part of update 10.16 for Android and iOS versions of Instagram.