It's the end of an era at Intel as the chipmaker on Monday announced that it was retiring its Intel Developer Forum (IDF), the company's bi-annual (as of late, anyway) technology conference.

Intel told Anandtech during a phone call that the main reason it cancelled the event was that it has been changing rapidly over the past three years or so, especially as they transition from a PC-centric to a data-centric company.

Elaborating a bit more, the rep said that with the rise of AI, FPGAs, Optane, IoT, wireless comms, automotive and the other new areas that Intel is moving into, they felt that IDF no longer fills the need when it comes to giving out information.

As such, they've decided to communicate with the media, developers and other companies via targeted events. Such gatherings could include things like the recent AI Day or Manufacturing Day, be connected to partner events or even consist of separate geocentric events.

Intel hosted its first developer forum way back in 1997. Since 2013, they've held one IDF event in China in the spring followed by another event in the summer / fall in San Francisco.

As was the case with Comdex, it's sad to see industry staples like this go. Speaking from experience with shows like CES, there's simply no substitute for live events in which you get to bump shoulders with people you work with throughout the year (the networking opportunities are priceless as well).

Hopefully Intel keeps its word and moves forward with targeted events to replace IDF.