A hacking group has leaked the upcoming fifth season of Netflix's Orange is the New Black, over one month before it's due to go on the air. TheDarkOverlord, whose spokesman says is made up of more than one person, released the show after the streaming site refused to meet its ransom demands.

Torrent Freak reports that the group gained access to the systems of Larson Studios, an award-winning Hollywood-based ADR (additional dialogue recorded) studio, back in late 2016. In addition to stealing one of Netflix's most popular originals, the group says it also made off with unreleased shows from other major TV studios, including ABC, National Geographic, and Fox.

TheDarkOverlord entered into negotiations with the post-production company soon after the breach, promising to delete the material in exchange for 50 bitcoins. Larson Studios signed a contract agreeing to the terms but failed to pay the money.

TheDarkOverlord turned its attention to Netflix, demanding the company pay an unspecified ransom to stop OITNB from leaking. But on Saturday it said the site had been "unresponsive" to the request. "It didn't have to be this way, Netflix," the group wrote. "You're going to lose a lot more money in all of this than what our modest offer was."

The other studios are now faced with the same ransom demands. Databreachers.net has reportedly been provided with a "preview" of the shows, which includes recent and unreleased episodes of Fox's New Girl, FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, IFC's Portlandia and CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles.

In a statement to Variety, Netflix said it was "aware of the situation. A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved."

The season premiere of Orange is the New Black officially arrives on June 9th. Netflix will no doubt be watching closely to see if the leak affects the show's viewing figures.