You might be happy surfing with Windows or macOS, but Linux is emerging as one of the most important enterprise operating systems. The Linux Power User Bundle can walk you through it all, featuring 5 user-friendly courses, this training bundle will get you familiar with Linux, its commands, and applications.

You'll work hands-on with the Linux Command Line and discover how to manage files and directories, edit and display file contents, and more. Working off easy-to-follow checklists, you'll navigate your way through your own Linux projects, like installing WordPress on the Ubuntu environment, and you'll learn how to keep apps and sites running smoothly by eliminating potential points of failure.

This collection will also set you up with virtual Linux software, so you can learn without having to commit to a new OS. The Linux Power User Bundle usually retails for $600, but the current deal discounts it to just $19, saving more than 90% off.