We're living in an information renaissance, and demand is surging for experts capable of working with the mounds of data necessary to power today's apps and communication tools. Learning the tools of the data science trade is a smart move, and the Big Data Power Tools Bundle can get you started.

Featuring eight courses and more than 39 hours of comprehensive training, this collection will walk you through the essentials of working with today's top data-crunching tools, like Scala, R, and Apache Storm. Jump in, and you'll shore up your skills with fundamental languages like Python and R. Then, you'll dive into advanced topics, such as linear regression and modelling, allowing you to forecast outcomes from heaps of programming data.

You'll also get exposed to machine learning tools like Apache Storm as you learn how to build highly responsive applications capable of massive data-processing feats, such as finding the latest trending topics on Twitter or monitoring spikes in payment gateway failures.

The Big Data Power Tools Bundle normally retails for $516, but the pack is currently on sale for $45, saving more than 90% off the retail price.