A video was leaked to Reddit that shows a very brief portion of a presentation given for the 2017 Moto X. The video is only nine seconds, but that is long enough to see visual renders of the phone and a partial list of expected features.

The phone appears sleek and thin, housed within a black casing. The rear of the phone shows the dual lens camera that has been seen in the well-publicized photos leaked on Google+ (see top image) but seems to be missing the antenna lines noticed in those images. This does not necessarily mean that they will not be there. Lenovo may have been trying to make the handset look more seamless by eliminating the antenna lines from the renders used in the presentation.

In the last second of the video, the camera focuses well enough to read some of the features listed on the slide being presented. The notes indicate the chassis will be metal with a 3D glass display. The display will be edge-to-edge and will partially wrap around to meet the metal backing (based on the images).

The slide also shows that Lenovo is calling the Moto X’s camera a “Smart Camera,” but it is unclear what this means. However, the images clearly show a dual lens in the back of the case. Perhaps Lenovo has some software tricks up its sleeve that utilizes the dual lens in a “smart” way.

Probably most notable is that the presentation says the phone will carry an IP68 certification. This is the second highest dust/water resistance rating available. The Moto X should survive just about anything but a steam cleaning where water is concerned.

A few other features shown in the video include:

  • AI integration
  • Always on voice activation
  • 3x carrier aggregation
  • Turbo charging

Motorola is marketing the phone as a mid-range alternative to the high-end Moto Z.

"Moto X – Unlimited Perfection," the slide says. "The perfection and appeal of a flagship device at a friendly price."

It is evident from the video that this was an official Motorola presentation, but apparently not a press release; otherwise, we would have official confirmation of these features. Even so, you might want to maintain some level of skepticism any time information comes from a source other than the company. For now, no launch date has been announced for the Moto X.

Top Image by Jerry Yin