With AMD getting most of the attention lately thanks to the 64-bit hype and everything, I must tell you you should also keep an eye on ChipZilla and upcoming Prescott processors.

Although Prescotts are based on the P4 core, they will also include 13 new instructions (plus H-T and a few more improvements), leading us to believe that Intel will tout them as a whole new successor (old marketing tricks, anyone?), in any case Intel has been rather discrete about naming schemes.
The Register has posted a few details on Intel plans that go along with the information that was leaked out earlier this week when Japan's PC Watch website posted Intel's roadmap.

To that end, it will follow the chip's launch at 3.2GHz and 3.4GHz during Q4 with 2.8GHz and 3GHz version the quarter after that.

So says a report on Japan's PC Watch web site. Intel will also release a 3.6GHz Prescott during Q1 2004. The story's based on an August roadmap, which shows a 3.8GHz version earmarked for Q2 2004. The site extrapolates a 4GHz part in Q3, rising to 4.4GHz in Q4.