The web is a big place, but space is still limited – especially when it comes to domain names. Due to the saturation of .com domains online, many entrepreneurs have to settle with second-rate names for their sites, which can jeopardize their brands. With a .tech domain however, you can sidestep the compromise and build your online presence the way you want to.

Adopted by industry leaders like Microsoft and CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), a .tech domain name allows you to create a brand that reflects your passion for technology and startups. With a myriad of unregistered domains available, you can take greater control over your online image, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

You can lock in your own .tech domain for 10 years, so you can build your brand's foothold on the web well into the future. A 10 year subscription to a Radix .tech domain name normally retails for $250, but TechSpot readers can sign up for $39.99, saving more than 80 percent off the normal price. Additionally, single year plans are also on sale for $2.99.