Today marks the start of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but thanks to three alleged Foxconn employees and a Reddit AMA, we may have already discovered details about the company's upcoming products.

While the subreddit's moderators say they have verified the identity of the workers, as with most leaked data the information should be viewed with a level of skepticism.

Most of what the users say about the iPhone 8 has been around in the form of rumors for some time: water resistance, slim bezels, wireless charging capabilities, etc. The team added that the handset would come with a lightning port instead of USB Type-C (Ming-Chi Kuo said the same thing in March), 3 GB of RAM, and a vertical rear camera setup. The front camera, meanwhile, will feature facial recognition tech and retina scanning.

Regarding the phone's rumored fingerprint sensor embedded under the screen, the employees admitted they saw some "test units with fingerprint scanners mounted below the glass, but performance and yield rates were not good." They did add, however, that they hadn't seen any rear fingerprint scanner, so an embedded version looks more likely. Additionally, the users seemingly confirmed reports that the iPhone 8's production has been delayed, and when asked which of the three leaked images below was closest to the handset, they said the middle one was most accurate.

Revelations about Apple's smartglasses were particularly interesting. The project is purportedly called Project Mirrorshades, and consists of a "Kopin NED Acetate frame, Polarisized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics, Bone induction modules Microphones (noise cancellation), Light sensor Accelerometer for step tracking and head movement, app navigation Magnetometer for navigation, Capacitive Pavel Ceramic battery, Apple chipset, [and] Charging circuit BL5 Induction module."

A strip on the arm controls volume and accepts calls, while Siri can be used to dial out. Additionally, the glasses feature a prism that "conveys NED display image to lens," and have a 428 x 240 resolution. Sadly, the difficulty in manufacturing the batteries means there's a 65 percent chance the project will be canceled.

Apple is expected to announce its Siri-powered speaker at some point during WWDC, but, as previously reported, the users claim it won't launch until late this year. The trio also adds that Foxconn lost the contract, so it's unclear how they would know this.

Moving on to MacBooks, Foxconninsider initially wrote that the MacBook Air was being discontinued, but later changed this to "as we know it; the brand may be recycled." It's also claimed the 15-inch MacBook Pro would be getting a 32 GB version, and that the discontinued MagSafe would return in "12 - 18 months."

Other information includes an "incremental update" for this year's iMac release, no full touchscreens for MacBook Pros "within the 18 month horizon," and the testing of two e-ink keyboards.

Expect to find out the accuracy of these rumors at WWDC this week.