AMD finally unveiled the first Radeon card based on its Vega architecture last month - the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. It was hoped that the consumer version of the GPU would be revealed at Computex, but CEO Lisa Su said we’ll have to wait until SIGGRAPH, which runs from July 30 to August 3, for those announcements.

While Vega for consumers could be shown off in a couple of months' time, there's still no word on an official launch date - though speculation says it will be sometime in August. But after what is reported to be leaked benchmarks hit the web, we could have an idea of its performance against Nvidia's flagships.

In an April AMA session, AMD’s Desktop CPU marketing manager, Don Wolig, said Vega performance compared to Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp “looks really nice.” If the leak is accurate, then it could be a lot better than just “nice.”

Update (fake benchmark?): We've got word from members of our community and redditors that the Doom benchmark below was "confirmed" to be a fake a few weeks back. As with all leaked information, let alone benchmarks, their unconfirmed nature comes with the territory, but apparently this has been discarded as not credible, even for a rumor. Come August, we hope we'll have Vega on-hand for proper testing as usual.

The benchmark uses Doom running at 4K (3840 x 2160) with Ultra settings and TSAA[8TX]. Compared to the Titan Xp, Vega boasts an average framerate that's 25 fps faster. And next to the GTX 1080, it’s a massive 80 fps, or 129 percent, faster.

While running Doom in low-level API Vulkan is a setup that favors AMD cards, the figures remain impressive. The company hasn’t confirmed whether the benchmark is official, so we’ll just have to wait until SIGGRAPH to learn more. If the slide is the real deal, Nvidia could be facing some serious competition from AMD in the high-end gaming GPU market.