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AMD next-gen APUs reportedly sacrifice a larger cache for AI chips

Will NPUs be a waste of die space?
Why it matters: As chipmakers embark on a widespread transition to locally processed generative AI, certain users are still questioning the need of this technology. NPUs have emerged as a new buzzword as hardware vendors aim to introduce the concept of the "AI PC," yet their arrival prompts speculation about whether the valuable die space they occupy could have been allocated to more beneficial purposes.
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Not just the hardware: How deep is Nvidia's software moat?

The inherent inertia of software ecosystems
The big picture: Starting tomorrow, Nvidia is hosting its GTC developer conference. Once a sideshow for semis, the event has transformed into the center of attention for much of the industry. With Nvidia's rise, many have been asking the extent to which Nvidia's software provides a durable competitive moat for its hardware. As we have been getting a lot of questions about that, we want to lay out our thoughts here.
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AMD RDNA4 graphics cards may only receive a minor bump in ray tracing performance

Rumor mill: Although the last few generations of AMD graphics cards have matched their Nvidia equivalents in rasterization performance and often featured more memory, Team Red has been a step behind in hardware-accelerated ray tracing ever since it debuted in consumer hardware. New information regarding the company's next GPU lineup suggests the situation won't change.