With E3 just around the corner, Microsoft has released a series of trailers for its hotly anticipated Project Scorpio console. On first glance, they don't reveal anything new about the system, but a Twitter user may have discovered some hidden details in the videos - including the release date.

The teasers, which all feature the slogan "Feel the Power," feature two scenes that when examined frame-by-frame appear to contain hidden messages. In the first one, which depicts a Ferris wheel, there's some writing on a tent that states: "6>4." It's assumed this is a reference to the Scorpio's six teraflops of graphics processing power being greater than the PlayStation 4 Pro's four teraflops.

Moving on from what appears to be trolling on Microsoft's part, the crowd scene in another video contains a string of text at the side of the stage that reads: "X10S101-317." It's theorized that the first part of this code, "X10S," could refer to the Scorpio's branding - Microsoft has already filed a new trademark for an "S" logo, while the "X10" may be related to Xbox and Windows 10.

The second part of the string could give us the console's release date. "101-317" might be 10-13-17. While October 13 is a little earlier than most people expected the Scorpio to arrive, the fact the Xbox One also launched on a Friday in 2013 is telling. Microsoft's decision to release it on a date that so many people consider unlucky is unusual, but maybe it purposely wants to go against convention.

Expect to find out more about Project Scorpio during Microsoft's E3 press conference on June 11.