Distributor Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios, the developer and publisher behind Project Cars, announced on Thursday the second installment of the highly successful racing game. Accompanying the announcement is a first-look trailer which we've embedded above.

As a huge fan of racing simulators, Project Cars 2's multi-class racing sounds incredibly appealing. Instead of being limited by class or car type, Project Cars 2 lets you drive any car you want in either single or championship mode. What's more, the career mode lets you begin in any motorsport discipline meaning you don't have to work your way up the ranks if you don't want to. Very cool.

The original Project Cars raced onto the scene in May 2015 and quickly positioned itself as one of the premiere racing simulators. If you're looking for a title that delivers a true-to-life racing experience instead of an "action driving blockbuster," Project Cars should be on your shortlist.

Those in attendance at E3 2017 next week can stop by Bandai Namco's booth to give the game a try.

Project Cars 2 is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 22. Interested parties can pre-order the Limited Edition, the Collector's Edition or the Ultra Edition over on the Project Cars website.