There are plenty of valid reasons to consider severing ties with your cable or satellite TV provider. Unsurprisingly, cost is one of the biggest concerns.

In its Q1 2017 Video Trends Report, DVR maker TiVo found that 79.7 percent of survey-takers that cancelled their pay-TV service did so because of price (it was too expensive). 37.1 percent of respondents said they spend $101 or more per month on cable or satellite TV service with more than 10 percent of those spending north of $150.

Of those polled, 22 percent said they were “unsatisfied” with the level of value they receive from their provider. Surprisingly enough, 23.7 percent responded as being “very satisfied” while the remaining 54.3 percent were “satisfied.” I personally would have suspected the level of dissatisfaction to be higher.

Those who said they were unsatisfied cited cost as the main reason for their displeasure. Poor customer service, poor TV service and a bad selection of channels were also common complaints.

When asked if they planned on leaving their pay-TV provider in the next six months, 7.2 percent said they were going to do so while 6.6 percent said they were planning to simply switch to a different paid provider. Nearly a third responded with “maybe” while 51.1 percent said they intend to stick with their current provider over the next six months.