Titanfall creator Respawn Entertainment is currently at work on a new title set in the Star Wars universe. The project was announced a year ago by Electronic Arts, but the studio is still hiring development staff to work on the game. Respawn is only one of a number of studios creating Star Wars games and content for EA.

Not much is known about the project yet, but a brief glimpse was provided in EA’s “Star Wars: A Look Ahead” (above starting at 1:02). The clip features two mo-cap actors engaged in a lightsaber battle, so it can at least be assumed that Jedi combat will be a feature in the game.

"We are going to deliver that Star Wars awe like fans have never seen before."

Stig Asmussen is heading up the development team as game director. Before joining Respawn for the project, Stig worked at Santa Monica Studio as the lead environment artist and art director on the first two God of War games. Then, for God of War III, Asmussen took the helm from Cory Barlog and tried his hand as game director. Under his lead, GoW 3 ended up winning numerous awards and was the best-selling game in the franchise.

The story and characters have probably not been fleshed out yet since the project is still looking to hire a narrative lead. However, in a Respawn blog post, Asmussen indicated that they were going to bring “a whole new adventure to the galaxy,” so we might be seeing fresh, new characters and locations. Despite the hint of taking things in a new direction, he vows that his team will religiously adhere to Star Wars canon.

"We promise to pay respect to the Star Wars legacy at all times, a fact that will be constantly reinforced and honored as a central game design tenet."

Unlike Respawn's first-person shooter series Titanfall, the Star Wars project is going to be a third-person action/adventure game. Stig admitted that this format “might sound a bit dry,” but he asserts that it gives his team “an unparalleled playground to design within.” We may be looking at an expansive sandbox game set in the Star Wars universe, but that's just a guess.

At the time the project was announced back in May 2016, Respawn was hiring talent for the project in all departments. Even though it has now been over a year, a quick look at the studio’s job openings shows that they still have numerous positions open for the project including artists, producers, animators, software engineers and more.

With less than a full staff, it might be a while before the title gets fully underway. In the meantime, Respawn is still working on and dropping content for Titanfall 2.