Streaming television is picking up speed, and more and more people are beginning to cut the cable cord. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have all done very well streaming cable network shows (albeit usually a season behind) as well as their own original television programming. They have done so well that other companies like YouTube (Google) and Sony are trying to get in on the action with streaming services. The trend of people ditching cable for streamed entertainment cannot be ignored, and cable companies are going to start feeling the pinch soon if they aren't already.

At least one cable company appears to be getting ready for a shift to streaming being the dominant service. According to a post in a subreddit dedicated to television streaming called Cordcutters, Charter Communications (aka, Time Warner Cable; aka, Spectrum) is offering select customers a streaming service called "Spectrum TV Stream."

The company is sending out invitations to the service through email to existing customers. The e-flyer advertises Spectrum TV Stream at $19.95 per month with "no contract required." There are more than 25 live television channels offered in the package including AMC, TNT, FX, CNN, all the major networks, and even PBS.

For $15 more per month (for three years), the service will add another 35 premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz, plus access to all of Charter's on-demand content. If you only want a couple of premium networks, they go for $7.50 per month each, so you might as well get the whole package if you want more than one movie channel.

There are no sports networks in the basic package, but the service has another tier with several sports dedicated offerings like ESPN and NBC Sports for $12 per month. That add-on also includes alternative news network programming as well like Bloomberg and HLN.

The content is delivered via the Spectrum TV App. The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices. You can also get versions for the Xbox, Roku, and Samsung Smart TVs. The flyer does not say that it is available only in Charter's service area, but the Spectrum website says that one requirement is a "Spectrum Internet connection," so areas served by Comcast/Xfinity are out of luck. Xfinity does have a streaming app, but it is a service provided with your cable subscription and not a standalone option.