Fresh off the heels of introducing location sharing, Snapchat is unveiling even more new features to stay ahead of the Instagrams of the world. The new update to the Snapchat app on iOS and Android adds three new features to the fold: Paperclip, Backdrop, and Voice filters.

First, Snapchat finally allows users to add links to a snap. Simply tap the paperclip icon on the left vertical toolbar and enter the URL. Friends can slide up to view the site in Snapchat's internal browser. Previously, only ads and Discover content could include links but now that feature has been extended to regular users. Snapchat uses its own safety tools as well as Google's Safe Browsing service to keep its members safe from any potential phishing or malware dangers. Furthermore, users can also report an objectionable material they find.

Second, Snapchat introduces the ability to change the backdrop on any picture. For those familiar with Photoshop (or most decent photo editors), Backdrop has similar features that allow you to cut an object out of a picture and replace the background with any number of colorful and whimsical designs. Tap the scissors icon in the left toolbar and then tap the Backdrop icon. Trace around the object with your finger then select one of the Backdrop designs.

Finally, Snap adds voice filters to its repertoire of features. Exactly as the name implies, Snapchat users can tap on various voice filters to augment their voice on a Snapchat video. Simply tap the speaker icon at the bottom and choose from a range of filters. For now, the filters range from making your voice sound like a chipmunk to sounding like a robot.

The new features are sure to delight some and annoy others (I'm leaning towards the latter) but nonetheless provide new and interesting ways to share content with your friends. You can download the latest version of Snapchat here. You can also check out the video below to see a demo of each feature: