Two of the largest players in their respective industries have reportedly discussed a partnership to enter the cutthroat wireless business.

Sources familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen – both described as eccentric billionaires with “geek tendencies” and similar interests in robotics and space – have developed a friendship over the past year.

The two have reportedly even discussed a possible joint venture to enter the wireless business with a couple of different ideas having been floated.

One path would see Amazon help finance an Internet of Things network developed by Dish that would provide web connectivity to all sorts of devices including Amazon drones. Another strategy could see Amazon offering Prime members a discounted rate for wireless connectivity (imagine if Amazon sold wireless data service for half of what you could get it anywhere else).

The Journal stresses that no deal is imminent and talks could easily fall apart at this early stage.

Worth noting is that Dish has reportedly discussed similar “founding partner” concepts with other companies meaning if a deal with Amazon doesn’t materialize, the satellite television provider could just as easily join forces with another major player for financing purposes.

Just to dispel any myths, sources say that an all-out acquisition of Dish on Amazon’s behalf is highly unlikely.