For the uninitiated, ethical hackers are IT experts trained to breach networks, exploit bugs and propose solutions that bolster security going forward, and they're compensated handsomely for their skills. In fact, Facebook alone paid independent hackers $5 million last year to track down bugs on its website. So, if you want to get in on this booming field, picking up the Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle is a solid first step.

Across nine comprehensive courses and over 70 hours of instruction, this collection will get you up to speed with the tools and techniques essential for a successful ethical hacking career. You'll get familiar with tools like Kali Linux, Netcat, and Wireshark as you simulate an entire penetration test from beginning to end and learn how to pinpoint vulnerabilities in a network.

This collection will also walk you through social engineering and the common hacking threats used to steal information, such as Trojans and keyloggers. Plus, you'll also receive training to help you pass the CompTIA Security + certification exam, giving you a serious edge over the competition.

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