Lucid Motors turned heads earlier this year when its Alpha Speed Car prototype reached a top speed of 217 mph during a test run on a high-speed track in Ohio.

That's an incredibly impressive feat considering electric cars are typically revered for the spine-twisting torque they generate off the line. The effort, however, looks absolutely pedestrian compared to what the company was recently able to accomplish.

During a follow-up visit to the Transportation Research Center (TRC) facility, Lucid removed the software speed limiter to see what its prototype was truly capable of. The team also made changes to the vehicle's air suspension to improve responsiveness under heavy loads, bolstered cooling to the front motor and swapped out the wheels for better aerodynamics.

With the restrictions removed and the changes in place, the Alpha Speed Car prototype hit a GPS-confirmed top speed of 235.44 mph. Translation - that's really fast.

The company said in announcing the feat that this is not the final production top speed for the Lucid Air, leaving open the possibility that they might be able to squeeze even more out of it.

That said, it's unlikely that buyers of production models would ever be able to realize these kinds of speeds due to self-imposed safety measures. Tesla, for example, governs its vehicles at a top speed of 155 mph despite the fact that they're capable of going much faster.