Robotics might come off as complicated, but Raspberry Pi makes learning the basics accessible and fun. The SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kit allows you to build your own Pi-powered car and get exposed to the fundamentals behind robotic programming.

The kit includes three new circuit boards, a Raspberry Pi 3 board, and a wide-angle USB webcam, so you can operate your robotic racer on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. Perfect for beginners, this kit boasts simple wiring and includes Python code. That way, you can get your vehicle up and running with minimal hangups.

Using the car's USB webcam, you can transmit images and video in real-time as you drive. Plus, the kit will have you refining your programming knowledge as you program and debug the car using Dragit.

You can get the SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kit for $149.99, or purchase it without the Raspberry Pi 3 board for only $109.99.