The gaming industry is changing, and big studios aren't the only ones producing hits. In fact, with some determination and the right coding know-how, anyone can create their own platformer, first-person shooter, or role-playing game straight from home, and the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle can get you started.

Boasting over 80 hours of training across nine courses, this collection will get you familiar with tools like Unity, the Unreal engine, and Swift to create your own games from scratch. You'll work hands on with these tools and dive into core game design concepts like collision detection, enemy pathing, and more as you create your own video game projects.

From a Flappy Bird clone to your own DOOM-stylized shooter, you'll have plenty of projects to experiment with as you refine your game development knowledge.

Pick up the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle, and you can take the first step towards building your own gaming hit for $49, saving more than 90 percent off its normal price.