Aiming to get into every last nook and cranny for promoting brand image and purchasing, Amazon is now allowing landlords of private residential complexes to apply for lockers to be installed.

Lockers and storefronts are springing up near university campuses and densely populated areas across the country, but this is the first time that sets of lockers will not be available for all to use. Named "The Hub", these lockers also mark the first time Amazon will allow use of lockers by third parties for delivering non-Amazon shipments.

The goal of The Hub is to eliminate the need for a human being to be present for deliveries to take place and make it more convenient for residents to receive their orders. If anyone is concerned about privacy, these lockers should help alleviate concerns of others knowing their online shopping habits.

This system will likely come at a cost to building owners though as the only way to get more information on having one installed is to submit a form with details about the building where an owner would like to have a locker placed.

For those interested, this is exactly the same locker system that can be found in Amazon stores, but a choice of four color options are available as are varying sizes. A six-foot wide base model can hold up to 42 packages and an expansion kit is available to add another 23 units for deliveries.