One of the most beloved action RPGs of an era is poised for a comeback as Square Enix on Friday said it'll be releasing a Secret of Mana remake next year.

In announcing the project, Square Enix said the game will feature high-definition 3D graphics, new voiceover work, improved gameplay for modern platforms and a newly arranged musical score - all while retaining its "long-held charm."

Secret of Mana was originally launched in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 2 before landing on US shores in 1993 courtesy of Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (it would be another decade before Square merged with Enix to create Square Enix). The game went on to become so popular that it recently earned a spot as one of 21 titles that'll come loaded on next month's SNES Classic from Nintendo.

Secret of Mana is scheduled to launch on February 15, 2018, alongside a bundle of day-one DLC for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and on PC via Steam. Those who pre-order within a week of its release will receive a handful of in-game outfits including the Moogle Suit, the Tiger Suit and the Tiger Two-Piece.

There's also a trio of PlayStation Network avatars up for grabs for Sony gamers and downloadable wallpaper for PC players.