Looking to end the era of slow user interfaces, lagging audio and overall poor end-user experiences, Toyota has formed a Connected Technologies division to ensure that in-vehicle electronics provide a more fulfilling experience.

The new group will be located in Plano, Texas, and will be run by Toyota Motor North America. "Our new team will double-down our efforts on connected vehicles so we can provide our Toyota and Lexus customers a more human experience," said Zack Hicks, CIO of Toyota Motor North America.

Connected Technologies will have approximately 100 positions although many are expected to be filled by existing employees. A core focus of the new division is to create a more personalized experience for drivers through the use of remote services.

Two areas of focus will be driver-centric and car-centric features. Driver-centric features may include Internet radio options, cloud-based storage and content and apps for infotainment systems. Remote diagnostic tools and over-the-air firmware and software updates as well as vehicle relationship management fall under the car-centric category of upgrades.

Interestingly, Toyota mentions that cyber-security will be part of Connected Technologies' responsibilities. There may not be much for drivers to see in terms of security measures taken but it is nice to know that some companies are putting an emphasis on security as everyday items gain Internet connectivity.