Developing apps can be a rewarding career path, but with several platforms to choose from and a myriad of programming languages available, getting started can feel daunting. The Complete Android Oreo with Kotlin Bundle is here to simplify the process by helping you get up to speed with Android Oreo, the newest OS release on the world's most popular mobile platform.

Boasting more than 100 hours of training, this four-course collection is designed to familiarize you with the essentials behind working with Oreo, so you can create your own mobile apps from scratch.

You'll work with tools like Java, the Android Studio, and IntellJ IDEA, to create clones of popular applications like Flappy Bird and YouTube. Then, you'll take on object-oriented programming with Android Kotlin to create even more coding projects. Normally retailing for $795, the Complete Android Oreo with Kotlin Bundle is on sale for $34, more than 90 percent off its normal price.